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41  LEGIT ONLINE BUSINESS / Stock & Investment / New BetonMarkets Software that turns $10 to $500 Within 4Hours...Check Photo on: August 22, 2009, 01:21:57 PM
Tuesday 21th July, 2009

After several periods of trials and failures, I have stumbled upon the mystery key that UNLOCKED the betonmarkets code in FLASH UP/DOWN lucky 10 digits.             

Be part of this amazing BetonMarkets Software discovery while it lasts.    FLASH UP/DOWN is the BIGGEST earner in Betonmakets, as you make 1000% gain in less than 10seconds.   And due to this high payout, they (betonmarkets) made it VERY, VERY, VERY difficult for common men like us to device a working strategy to unlock this code.             

But search no more, the answer (SOLUTION) is (finally) here.   I have been able to get a Japanese Software and for the past 1 MONTH,I have been milking betonmarkets of their money using this trade.     
Just like the saying goes ; ‘CHOP ALONE, AND DIE ALONE’, I have been chopping alone for a month now, but I have decided to share it with 50 Nigerians before betonmarkets starts manipulating it.   So hurry now and be among the 50 people to get their hands on this trading system, and make 1000% profits in 10 seconds guaranteed.           

I have made the entry price very accessible to all, on a good day, such discovery as this should be kept to my chest just as I have done for 2 months, but of what use it is when you make money and others don’t.  I have pegged the price so low that everyone should be able to get it, but then, it is not for everyone, I will keep it open to just 50 people,first come, first serve.         
The BetonMarkets Software goes for a mere #5,500, yes, just #5,500 and you have your hands on the money system.  And say goodbye to times of trial and error, I have gone through that part for you.       

It is as a result of this discovery that I have been giving out my other trading Softwares out free.Ranging from Runbets up/down,intra day etc.   Why should I keep hold of them when I am no longer using them, since I discovered this super software of 1000%.             

Why not get your hands on this FLASH UP/DOWN  and start watching your bank account(s) figures grow in amazing LUCKY DIGITS.             

Pay #5,500 into any GT Bank Nationwide below,

A/C NUMBER : 423-440713-110

After payment, text your teller number and email address to 08038624858, 08055672630, 08025344889, 07095308831, 052-884411, JASOGBE@YAHOO.COM.             

More Viable Links That Can Change your Internet Business loss to profits:

Thank you.             
08025344889, 08055672630, 08038624858
42  LEGIT ONLINE BUSINESS / Marketing/Adverting / Are You Left Behind On The Hottest Trend That Is Making Tons of Money For Other on: August 13, 2009, 01:39:42 PM
If You’re On Facebook Or You Have A Twitter Account,
And You’re Not Earning Cash With It,
Then You’re Literally Throwing Away Cash
That Should Be In Your Bank Account… Serious!

 Dear forumite I couldn’t believe this.
Less than three short years ago,
John Reese mentioned in one of his Internet Marketing
 newsletters that I was subscribed to that the social media
 is the next big thing as far as making money online is concerned.

“We shall see,” was my simple response to that comment.
But I kept an eye on what was going on in this new media.
From time to time, someone will talk about it in passing.
And that was it.

But in the last few months, the Internet is awash
with breakthrough stories about the social
networking media. You’ve definitely heard
about them too: Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, My Space, You Tube and on and on.

You, my dear reader, may even have a
Facebook account. Because, it’s reported
by that as many
as 1,000,000 Nigerians are on Facebook already.

What’s the big deal in that, you say?
Here it is: each one of those 1,000,000
Nigerians are potential customers of
your product or service. That is, 1,000,000
potential customers that you can sell your
product or service to without spending a
dime to place your offer right in front of their eyeballs!

Okay, before you run away with that last
statement, let me make a clarification.
If you dash to your computer and connect
 to the Internet and find your way to hoping
to open a Facebook account
with the intention of reaching those
estimated 1,000,000 potential customers, you have just wasted your time.

Reason? It’s not that straight forward! First,
you’ve got to master how to find your way
around the Facebook and other social media
websites that Internet aficionados are raving about.
 Then, and only after then, can you
begin to learn how to market to these potential customers.

Come on, don’t be discouraged now.
I was perfectly aware that you need to
be guided as to how to go about it.
And that is why, come Thursday, August 30, 2009,
the monthly, the absolutely FREE, one-day,
 New Info City Empowerment Summit
will be focusing on the social media phenomenon.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn from Dennis Isong,
our in-house Blogging and Social Media expert whose work our
customers are already familiar with and whose incisive write-ups on
cutting edge Internet strategies is now a regular feature in FORUM!:

 How Facebook Can make your website popular overnight,
 thus giving you an incredible opportunity
to market your products and services social friends.

The fast and easy way to generate regular traffic
to your website using Facebook.
Did I hear you say ‘bye bye’ to PPC [Pay Per Click] advertising.

 Step-by-Step instructions on how to establish a Facebook presence.

An effective and clear-cut strategy for socializing
on Facebook and doing sales promoting side-by-side
without annoying your friends.

The dead easy way to identify for target audience

 How to build a loyal following on Twitter! This is not a
rocket science. In fact, it will amaze how easily you can do it

Plus, a treasure trove of Free applications for your marketing.

This is an incredible must attend one-day,
absolutely FREE New Info City Empowerment Summit
prepared specially for Successful Entrepreneurs’
Club members, those who want to join them and our loyal readers of SuccessDigest Extra!

Special Bonus Feature

Here’s an icing on the cake for anyone attending
the one-day absolutely FREE New Info City Empowerment Summit.

Introducing an amazing business building strategy…

How to Use the Power of Recommendation to Triple,
Quadruple or, even Quintuple, your Profits

If you’re not generating enough sales in your business,
this business building strategy will terminate your struggle and change your story.

I call the strategy MAM, which is an acronym
for Money Attraction Magnet aka Recommendation.
It’s the secret weapon successful marketers use to
get their prospects to pull out their wallets and pay cash for their offer.

This strategy is one of the latest powerful additions
to my proprietary Information Marketing Business
Workshop contents which got those who attended
IMBW-4 screaming for more when they saw how
effortlessly the awesome system is programmed
to rake in cash for their business.

MAM has the power to transform your business overnight,
taking you from a struggling business owner to one
that creates a surge of cash flow with a snap of
your fingers. Just like that!

Within a space of one hour or less, I will show you
how to implement this strategy in your business
step-by-step and you’ll be surprised how it works like a charm.

Don’t miss it for anything!
43  LEGIT ONLINE BUSINESS / StartUp Business / Militants Attack on Facebook & Twitter! on: August 13, 2009, 01:37:27 PM
Dear Reader,

If you are always afraid of violence like the one in Niger Delta or the recent one caused by Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria, don’t panic as the title above has nothing to do with that.

I realised that Internet marketing strategy is like planning an attack. If you are used to online marketing terms, you must have heard words like guerrilla marketers, or Internet warriors, it simply shows that you must be like a militant ready to take action that will give you your own online market share.

So, you must know the latest strategy that wins and explore it fast before it becomes stall. That is why your darling organisation, Jasogbe Global Network with the support of its outreaches, JGN Ltd will not rest but to give you marketing winning and fresh strategies that will keep you on top of the game always.

Come of 30th August, 2009, at the NEW INFO CITY EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT, AUGUST EDITION, there will be a released of the bomb shell that will set you to take over with your Internet marketing strategy using the latest potent SOCIAL NETWORKING systems (or should I call it weapons?) like facebook and Twitter.

As you know me, I don’t like talking too much, just see what Engr. Osagie has to say about it by following the link below;

This AUGUST EDITION Summit is going to be super hot, there will be a lot of side attraction too for JGN members as they get themselves prepared for the grand launching of the club in September. If you miss it, you may bite your fingers when I give you the event report after the programme.

Don’t forget to give your comment too, let’s know how you feel about the topic.

To Your Success,
Engr. Osagie,
Principal partner,
Jasogbe Global Network
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