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Domain Names And The Perfect Moniker

Did you know you could pay someone to help you come up with the perfect domain name? It’s true. A think tank of marketing experts can come together to help determine a perfect name for your online presence.

Why would something like this be needed?

It seems that most of the more obvious online names are chosen and it takes a bit more creativity to come up with a recognizable and easy to use domain name that reflects the core of your business.

The good news is you may not need to pay anyone to come up with a perfect name for your domain.

If you already know that your business name is in use on the web you might want to either alter your business name should you’re business still exist in the startup phase. In you already have an established business you could go with some of the suggestions you are likely to find on a domain registry site, but this often lacks a personal touch.

Invite your family and friends to assist in filling a piece of notepaper with words or attributes that describe you and your business. Find words that may describe the collective nature of your store.

For example you might have a ceramic store where you hand paint and fire a kiln to create one of a kind gifts based on the clients request. For the sake of this experiment let’s also say that you specialize in ceramic pigs, but sell other types of ceramics as well.

Start by listing either attributes or words that describe what you do.


OK, that’s just a few words that may describe what is happening in your business. As of this writing the following web address does not exist, which is why I am using it as an example.

Maybe not a perfect name, but it would be easy to remember and in a clever and memorable way describes the specialty aspects of the store.

When you visit a domain registry you can keep checking to see if a new choice in name is available. In some cases businesses will also buy domain names that may be similar or ones that feature a different web extension such as .net or .biz. These businesses will then redirect visitors who happen to type in the wrong address to the main site.

With competitive rates for domain names it has become much easier to lay claim to multiple domain names.

The truth is you can find multiple online businesses that can assist you in site development, design, graphics, audio, content and even naming your domain. In most cases you can learn the skills through a little research and even a bit of common sense and save money for your acts of ingenuity.

In a matter of minutes you can assess your skills as a business and see if those skills and attributes line up to create an online domain name that will stick in the minds of your site visitor.

Your site name is important to the marketability of your site. It may not be in your best interest to simply take the first idea that is available. Keep the domain as short as possible and keep things memorable.